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How to shrink volume on Windows XP

It is reported that Windows XP still takes up a lot of market share though Microsoft has stopped offering technical support on this classical operating system. In daily XP use, many users have met the situation where there is no available unallocated space or free space for creating a new volume. What is the solution to this problem? It is highly recommended that users shrink the volume which has lots of unused space left to release unallocated/free space, and then use this space to create new partitions. Well then, how to shrink volume on Windows XP? There are 2 commonly used ways. One is to use Windows DiskPart, and the other is to use third-party partition manager.


Note: users are unable to shrink partition by using Windows XP built-in Disk Management tool, because it does not provide such a function. Of course, they can delete a large partition to release unallocated space and then create relatively small partitions with the space, but they should backup data in advance. Otherwise, data loss will emerge.


How to Shrink Volume on Windows XP by Using DiskPart


Here, we take shrinking 10GB unused space from partition 2 on disk 0 for example.
First of all, users need to run DiskPart.
Then, input a series of commands, including “select disk 0”, “list partition”, “select partition 2”, “shrink size =10485760” (1GB = 10240MB = 10485760KB), and “exit”. Every input ends by clicking “Enter” key. After these operations, we are successful to shrink volume for XP.


How to Shrink Volume on Windows XP by Using Partition Manager


Firstly, download a professional partition manager from the internet. Here, we recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard which is free but quite powerful.


Then, launch it to open the main interface:
Next, select the volume which needs shrinking and click the function “Move/Resize Partition” from action panel.
Then, drag triangles on edges of partition handle towards the middle to shrink volume and click “OK” to return to the main interface:
At last, click “Apply” button to apply changes to computer. After that, we are successful to shrink volume.


Comparing these solutions, we will find using third-party partition manager is the best way to shrink volume. If users are troubled by how to shrink volume on Windows XP, try using MiniTool Partition Wizard now.

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