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Decrease disk partition size

Question: I want to shrink partition F (which is with 260GB space) so as to create a new partition in Windows 7, but I failed. A thumbnail is attached:
What’s wrong with “Shrink Volume”? How can I decrease disk partition size when this feature failed?


Answer: “Shrink Volume” only works to RAW partition and NTFS partition. You want to shrink a FAT32 partition, so you failed. At this time, turning to third-party disk utility is available. And MiniTool Partition Wizard can help shrink both FAT partition and NTFS partition without data loss. As a matter of fact, in Windows operating systems which are not equipped with the function to decrease disk partition size, users can also ask this disk utility for help, because it supports almost all Windows operating systems. Next, let’s see detailed steps.


How to Shrink a Disk Partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard


Firstly, download and install the recommended program to computer, and then run it to open the main interface:
Then, select the partition which needs shrinking and choose “Move/Resize Partition” feature. We have said “Shrink Volume” of Windows 7 Disk Management only supports operating RAW partition and NTFS partition, so here we take shrinking partition F (a FAT32 partition) for example. Choose F and click on “Move/Resize Partition” to get the image below:
Here, decrease disk partition size by dragging one of the black triangles boxed by red line towards the middle, and then touch “OK” to go back to the main interface:
Now, an unallocated space emerges after partition F, which can be used to create a new partition. At this time, please select the space and click “Create Partition” from the left to create a new partition according to detailed wizards. After that, click on “Apply” icon to apply both shrinking partition and creating partition.


So far, users should have been clear about how to decrease disk partition size. If you need to shrink a FAT32 partition or want to reduce partition size under Windows operating systems which do not provide such a function, download the disk utility MiniTool Partition Wizard right now.

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