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Shrink Win 7 Partition

As we all know, the capacity of a hard disk is becoming larger and larger. People may find that the partitions in new computer are embedded with large capacity. And this will lead to problems when do disk management. Then Microsoft develops the “Shrink Volume…” feature to the snap-in disk management utility (or DM in short). With this function, some users may believe that they can decrease the partition size with ease. However, this feature owns some limitations (such as the decreased space can only be used to increase the original partition; the partition you want to shrink should be formatted with NTFS. If it is FAT32, please convert it to NTFS file system). Thus, the function “Shrink Volume…” of Windows DM is unavailable in some situations.


Three Ways to Shrink Win 7 Partition


1. Use Windows built-in disk management tool to delete all the partitions, and then redistribution the hard drive.
Warning: Before operation, users should back up all data that is saved in the partition.
2. Turn to “Shrink Volume…” feature in DM. The defects in this tool have been mentioned above.
3. Adopt the partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard to shrink Win 7 partition. This partition magic not only can help us fulfill the job without data loss, but can decrease partition size forwards or backwards.


Here, we can draw a conclusion that the third one provides the most convenient method. What’s more, this powerful partition magic is free for users.


Decrease the Partition Size with MiniTool Partition Wizard in Several Steps


After successful installation, we need to run the program to get its main interface shown below.





1. Select the partition which needs to be shrunk and click “Move/Resize Partition” option to go to the next interface.





2. Drag the black triangles on both sides of the partition handle or directly input exact value to shrink Windows 7 partition. Then, click “OK” button to go back to the main interface.


Note: The option “Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode” will be checked by default. This function could provide enhanced protecting to your data. It will keep your data safe even in the case of power outage or hardware failure.




3. Click “Apply” button to perform all operations.


With such easy operations, MiniTool Partition Wizard helps us decrease the partition size in Windows 7. Do you want to know more information about the partition magic? Please visit its official website.

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