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Resize partition Windows 8

When a certain partition runs out of space, it will be quite necessary for every user to resize partition. Nevertheless, many users feel difficult to resize partition for Windows 8.


Some of them try using Partition Magic, an old brand partition management program, to change partition size, only to find it is incompatible with Windows 8. As a matter of fact, apart from Windows 8, Partition Magic can not be compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. Some users plan to use system built-in disk management tool, but they disappointedly find it will not work if the target partition is FAT partition. Furthermore, if there is no unallocated space located behind and adjacent to target partition, this tool will fail to extend partition, too.

Considering these situations, we suggest using professional partition manager MiniTool Partition Wizard to resize partition for Windows 8. Next, we take extending partition for example to show users how to operate this software.


Resize Partition for Windows 8 with MiniTool Partition Wizard


Before resizing, please download partition manager from the downloading page. After installation, run it to get the main interface below:



In the main interface, as long as we select the partition which needs resizing, all performable functions will appear at the left action panel. Since we plan to extend partition, we should choose a suitable function from the action panel according to practical situations. If there is unallocated space neighboring to the partition which needs resizing, we can choose the function “Move/Resize Partition” to extend partition. If there is no such an unallocated space, “Extend Partition” is highly suggested. Specific prompts will be given after we choose a suitable function, so resizing partition can be realized easily and successfully.


Now, users would think it will be quite easy to resize partition for Windows 8. Just have a try.

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