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Resize partition on SD card

As we know, SD card is widely used on portable devices, such as digital camera, PDA, mobile phone, and music player. Nevertheless, in daily SD card use, users may encounter the situation where capacity of SD card is reduced due to mistaken operation. After connecting it to Windows computer and opening Windows built-in Disk Management tool, they find the reduced space becomes unallocated. Under this situation, how can users get decreased space back? They need to resize partition on SD card.


Well then, how to change partition size of SD card? Can we resort to Windows built-in Disk Management tool? Of course, we can’t, because this tool does not support resizing partition on removable disk. Therefore, users need to download a professional partition magic which is able to resize partition on SD card.


Download Free Partition Magic to Resize Partition on SD Card


Currently, most partition magic supports resizing partition of SD, but some has serious defects in security. By using partition software which has defects to change partition size on SD card, users are very easy to suffer data loss or even SD card damage. Here, free and safe partition tool is introduced to help users resize partition on SD card in few steps. It is MiniTool Partition Wizard. The following content will show users how to change partition size of SD card by using this software.


How to Resize Partition on SD Card by Using MiniTool Partition Wizard


Firstly, launch the partition magic to open the main interface:
From the main interface we can see 1 partition and 1 unallocated space on SD card. Then, select the target partition and click the function “Move/Resize Partition” to get the following interface:
In the interface above, we need to drag the triangle on the right towards the direction red arrow shows to lengthen the partition handle so as to extend partition. Then, click “OK” to go back to the main interface:
Now, we can see unallocated space has been added to the partition of SD card. At this time, please click “Apply” button on toolbar to apply changes to computer. After application, we resize partition on SD card by using partition magic successfully.


When users suddenly find capacity of SD card is decreased, connect it to Windows to check whether the reduced space becomes unallocated space. If so, resize partition on SD card by using MiniTool Partition Wizard to get the reduced space back.

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