Partition Resizing Software - Resize Partition for Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2008 R2.

Partition Resizing Software Server

  • Convert NTFS to FAT.
  • Copy Dynamic disk volume.
  • GPT Disk and MBR Disk interconversion.
  • Copy UEFI boot disk.
  • Convert GPT-style Dynamic Disk to Basic.
  • Move Boot/System volume for Dynamic Disk.

Resize partition dynamic disk

After raising the question how to resize partition on dynamic disk, most users will be suggested to employ system built-in disk management tool which indeed works to some extent. Nevertheless, during the process of using this tool to resize partition, users may encounter the situation where the function “Extend Volume” is unavailable (namely greyed out). There are 2 possible reasons: the partition which needs to be increased is FAT partition; there is no unallocated space located behind and adjacent to the partition which needs extending. Therefore, users had better use third-party partition manager to change partition size on dynamic disk.


Download a Feasible Partition Manager to Resize Partition on Dynamic Disk


A lot of partition managers can be found from the internet, but users do not know which one is available most of the time. Indeed, different partition software has different quality and features. Some do not support dynamic disk, and some have functional defects. Here, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard since it has been awarded as the top 10 Windows software by CNET and enjoys more than 10 million downloads.


Resize Partition for Dynamic Disk by Using MiniTool Partition Wizard


Recommended partition manager provides users with a powerful function to resize partition (including increasing partition size and decreasing partition size). Now, let’s see this function in detail.
This is the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Here, as long as we select the partition which needs resizing or click the menu “Dynamic Disk” in menu bar, all performable functions will be shown in action panel, including “Move/Resize Volume” which is specially designed to help move and resize partition on dynamic disk. After clicking this function, we can see the following interface:
Now, we can see a partition handle with one triangle icon on each edge. To extend partition, we need to lengthen the partition handle by dragging triangles. To shrink partition, just shorten partition handle with the same solution. Certainly, inputting desired value to corresponding input box can get the same effect. Then, click “OK” to go back to the main interface.


At last, click “Apply” button to apply changes to computer. After application, we are successful to resize partition on dynamic disk. If users also need to operate dynamic disk, resort to this partition manager now.

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