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Resize partition command

When asking help on the internet to resize Windows partition, many users will be told to use DiskPart, a disk management tool running in CMD and can help complete different kinds of partition management operations, including resize partition, delete partition, merge partition, etc. However, it means users have to resize partition via command, which is not suggested. After seeing the following operations, users will know specific reasons.


Resize Partition via Command


Since resizing partition contains 2 operations, namely extending partition and shrinking partition, we just take extending partition in Windows 7 for example here. If users want to extend partition with DiskPart, there must be contiguous unallocated space behind the partition they want to extend. Moreover, the target partition must be NTFS partition. After these 2 conditions are met, users can resize partition with DiskPart. Specific operations are shown below:


To resize partition via command, please click “Start” and enter “cmd” to the textbox “Search program and files” to get the following interface:
Then, type “diskpart” and press Enter key to get the interface below (note: users need to press “Enter” after every command):
Next, type “select disk 0” (disk 0 is the disk users will operate. If users want to operate disk 2, they should type “select disk 2”), “list partition”, “select partition 2” (partition 2 is the partition users want to extend), and “extend size =512” (users can change 512 according to the size of unallocated space) successively to get the following interface:
From this interface, we can see we are successful to resize partition with DiskPart. At this time, we need to type “exit” and press enter key to quit from this tool. After that, all work is completed.


From the demonstration above, we can know DiskPart requires complex commands, and most common users can not master it. Therefore, we highly suggest that users not resize partition via command but with third-party partition magic, like MiniTool Partition Wizard whose operating interfaces are intuitional and concise. Several simple operations are needed, and no professional knowledge is required.


Resize Partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard


Here, we also take extending partition for example.
The interface above is the main interface of the recommended partition magic. To extend partition, users just need to select the partition which needs extending and choose the function “Extend Partition” from the left action panel. Then, take free space from an existing partition or from unallocated space to extend partition. At last, click “Apply” button to apply changes to computer. After application, all work to extend partition is finished.


Comparing these 2 methods, users would know the best way to resize partition is using third-party partition magic rather than DiskPart. From now on, do not resize partition via command unless there are special requirements.

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