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Reasonably sized hard drives

The question what is the recommended size for system partition or data partition is often asked on the internet, so today we are going to give users a suggested value as well as ways to reasonably size hard drives.


What Is the Reasonable Size for Each Drive


As we know, allocating space to hard drives reasonably can make full use of disk space as well as enhance computer performance (speed up computer running speed, for example). To figure out the reasonable size for each hard drive, we should know what the drive is used for.


For system partition, we should allocate it with space more than that system requires. For instance, installing Windows 8.1 32 bit requires 16GB hard disk space (system requirement of each Windows OS can be found in official website of Microsoft or by Google), but information, such as temporary files, cache files, and other default files, will be saved to system partition automatically, so 30GB – 60GB is recommended for Windows 8.1 32 bit system partition.


For data partition which is planned to save lots of files, allocate it with much more space, while the data partition saving limited files had better be allocated with little space. In a word, it depends on the amount of files.


Well then, how to reasonably resize hard drives when the size has been fixed? Here, we recommend a lossless method, namely using third party free partition manager. If users do not know which manager to choose, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard.


How to Resize Hard Drives Reasonably with MiniTool Partition Wizard


When recommended free partition manager has been installed successfully, just run it to get its main window:
reaonably sized hard drives-minitool-partition-wizard-main-window
Here, we can change partition size according to actual demands. To extend a partition, just select it and click on “Extend Partition” which can enlarge a drive by taking free space from any other place on the same disk. To shrink a partition, just select it and choose “Move/Resize Partition”. Detailed prompts will be given in every step, so users can complete resizing with ease.


Therefore, as long as Windows users want to resize hard drives reasonably, the free partition manager MiniTool Partition Wizard can help them a lot.

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