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Increase the Size of RAID 5 Partition

In the daily life, it is a common case that the volume on dynamic disk gets full. Well then, how to solve this kind of problem? Some users may turn to Windows built-in disk management utility. The tool can change dynamic partition size, but it can only work on simple and spanned volumes. That is to say users can not increase the size of RAID 5 partition in DM.


Note: RAID 5 volume can only exist in dynamic disks (three or more dynamic disks are needed in the process of forming RAID 5 volume). It is a fault-tolerant volume and its information is distributed among the disks. The data on other disks will not be affected if one of RAID 5 volumes gets crushed. In addition, the capacity of the volume should be large enough to deal with a plenty of data.


In order to reach the goal of expanding RAID 5 partition, people should resort to third party partition manager. In case of data security, the professional MiniTool Partition Wizard will be introduced for users.


Use Partition Magic to Increase the Size of RAID 5 Partition


Please visit the download center to download and install the partition magic into you computer. Then launch it to get its main interface.




All disks and volumes are displayed in the screenshot above.


1. Select the specified RAID 5 volume and click “Move/Resize Volume” from the left panel to start resizing.




2. Drag the black triangle rightwards to expand RAID 5 partition. Then click “OK” to go back to the main interface.




In this window, we can preview that the size of RAID 5 partition has been increased to 121.87GB (the capacity before is 167.26GB).


3. If the result satisfies you, please click “Apply” button to confirm all changes.


Just with a few clicks, the job to increase the RAID 5 partition size has been accomplished.


PS: Actually, MiniTool Partition Wizard can also do disk management on basic disk. All steps to extend basic partition are the same with what in enlarging dynamic volume. Furthermore, the partition manager can also decrease the size of RAID 5 volume.

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