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Increase the Size of Mirrored Volume

Question: With time goes by, my partition H (a Mirrored volume) nearly gets full. Now I’m willing to add some space to it. However, I can not find the “Extend Volume…” feature in Windows built in disk management utility (or DM). Who can tell me how to increase the size of mirrored volume in Windows? I’m eager to find an answer.





Note: A mirrored volume offers an identical twin of the selected volume. All data written to the mirrored volume is written to both volumes, which results in disk capacity of only 50 percent.


In fact, people can change the size of mirrored volume in DM.
Breaking the mirror by right clicking the source volume and choose “Break Mirrored Volume…”
To decrease the volume size: right click on it, and choose “Shrink Volume…”. Then follow the shrink volume wizard and all operations will be done.
To increase the volume size: complex process will be executed.
1. Create an unallocated space that is right adjacent to the specified partition.
2. Use the released space to extend the volume via the feature “Extend Volume”.
3. Generate a new mirror.
One more thing, the unallocated space will not be produced by the disk management utility. Only when there is such space can users extend mirrored volume. It is sure that one can clear a partition to make such an unallocated space, but he may suffer from data loss.


As a result, it is not easy to expand mirrored volume in DM. Then I’d like to recommend a third party partition management tool. It is called MiniTool Partition Wizard Server.


How to Increase the Size of Mirrored Volume with Partition Manager


Download the software from its download center, and then install it into your computer.


Launch it to get its main interface.





1. Select the mirrored volume and click “Move/Resize Volume” to go to the next interface.





2. Right drag the black triangle to lengthen the handle. Then click “OK” to return to the main interface.





Now, the mirrored volume is enlarged into 49.29GB (the original capacity is 36.26GB).
3. Click “Apply” to execute all pending operations.


There are two ways to increase the size of mirrored volume in the article. Users can adopt the most suitable one to fix their problem in the process of extending volume.

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