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How to resize mirrored volume

Question: With more and more programs stored, partition D which has been mirrored is now running out of space. Therefore, I want to extend it, but Windows 7 Disk Management did not allow me to make such a change since “Extend Volume” disappeared from the shortcut menu. Who can tell me how to resize mirrored volume with ease in Windows 7? I have no idea about it. The following is my disk management tool, and I hope it useful.
Answer: Actually, the problem how to resize mirrored volume can be solved in Disk Management, but users need to break the mirror by right clicking the source volume (not the mirror) and choose “Break Mirrored Volume” at first. Then, resize the target volume in accordance with actual demands.


To shrink the volume, just right click it and choose “Shrink Volume”. Then, do the remaining operations according to shrink volume wizard.


To extend the volume, users need to perform more operations. Firstly, create an unallocated space contiguous and after the source partition. Next, extend the target volume to the unallocated space via “Extend Volume“. At last, make a new mirror. Nevertheless, with Disk Management tool users will be unable to create such an unallocated space unless it has existed. Of course, users can delete the partition after and contiguous to the source partition to release unallocated space, but data loss will emerge at the same time.


Therefore, using Windows Disk Management is not a wise way to resize mirrored volume especially extending mirrored volume. And here we suggest using third party partitioning tool, like MiniTool Partition Wizard.


How to Resize Mirrored Volume with MiniTool Partition Wizard


Firstly, run partitioning tool to get its main window:
In the main window we can select the mirrored volume and choose “Move/Resize Volume” to change its size.
To shrink mirrored volume, we need to drag triangles on edges of volume handle to shorten it. To expand mirrored volume, just lengthen the handle. Note: extending volume requires an unallocated space which is contiguous to the mirrored volume; if there is no such unallocated space, shrink a neighboring volume and make the unallocated space locate the desired place via “Move/Resize Volume” function. Then, click “OK” to go back to the main interface.
Now, we can see the mirrored partition is increased to 85.1GB from original 58.8GB. At this time, click on “Apply” to apply all changes.


After application the problem how to resize mirrored volume will be solved. If users also can not change the size of mirrored volume, try using the recommended partitioning tool. Note: MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition does not support dynamic disk or volume, so please purchase Professional Edition for dynamic disk support.

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