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How to resize hard disk partition at windows XP without damaging data

Question: when storing files to partition D, I was given the message that there is no enough space to store files. Windows asks me to delete useless files, but I am unwilling to delete anything. Someone suggested enlarging partition D, but I really do not know how to resize hard disk partition at Windows XP without damaging data. Badly need a solution.


Answer: as we know, Microsoft equips every Windows operating system with a Disk Management tool to complete some basic partitioning operations, like delete partition, create partition, and format partition. Nevertheless, after opening Windows XP built-in Disk Management program, we will find there is no function to resize hard disk partition, which makes a lot of XP users disappointed. Aiming at this situation, we recommend a piece of wonderful partitioning software which can help resize hard disk partition at Windows XP without damaging any data. It is MiniTool Partition Wizard.


MiniTool Partition Wizard offers multiple functions to change partition size, and users can choose the most suitable one according to practical situations. Next, let’s see these functions in detail.


How to Resize Hard Disk Partition at Windows XP without Damaging Data


To see functions of adjusting partition size, we need to launch the partitioning software to open its main interface:
In the main interface as long as we select a partition, all performable functions will appear on the left, among which “Move/Resize Partition”, “Extend Partition”, “Merge Partition”, and “Split Partition” can help resize hard disk partition in Windows XP without damaging data. Different functions should be used in different situations, which can save time and make full use of disk space.


Move/Resize Partition”: it is used to shrink a partition or extend a partition when there is unallocated space contiguous to the partition which needs extending.

Extend Partition”: with this feature, we can extend the target partition by taking free space from any existing partition or unallocated space.

Merge Partition”: If a partition is empty or stores few data, “Merge Partition” feature helps merge it with a neighboring partition.

Split Partition”: it splits a larger partition to 2 small ones without data loss.


Now, download the partitioning software and choose the most suitable function to resize hard disk partition at Windows XP without damaging data.

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