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Free GPT partition resize

Question: I have a GPT disk with Windows 8 64 bit installed. And there are 4 partitions on the disk, namely partition C 150GB, partition D 500GB, partition E 500GB, and partition F 898GB. Since there is so much free space in F (nearly 800GB), I want to take 200GB of 898to enlarge C drive. Nevertheless, I failed to free resize GPT partition since “Extend Volume” did not work. What should I do?


To enlarge a partition with Disk Management, users should confirm there is unallocated space right contiguous to the target primary partition and free space to target logical drive. In addition, the target partition should be formatted with NTFS. If one of conditions can not be met, users will have difficulties in free sizing partition on a GPT disk, and they have to delete the partition which is after and contiguous to the target partition. Note: if users delete a logical drive to extend a primary partition, they will fail too, for space in extended partition can not be used to extend primary partitions.


Nevertheless, the free partition manager MiniTool Partition Wizard makes up all defects of Windows Disk Management. It can take free space from any partition (including primary partition and extended partition) to extend any partition without partition deletion, not bringing any damage to data. Therefore, we say it really can help free resize partition on GPT disks. Next, let’s see detailed operations.


How to Free Resize Partition on GPT Disk


Firstly, run MiniTool Partition Wizard to see the main interface below:
Here, we take extending C drive for example, so we need to select partition C and click on “Extend Partition”.
Then, choose an existing partition or unallocated space on the same disk to take free space, which will be extended to C drive. After that, click on “OK” to return to the main interface:
At last, preview changes made just now and confirm whether they are desired. If they are needed, just click on “Apply” button to apply changes. If not, undo or discard operations and free resize GPT partition again, which will not bring any influence on data.


Nevertheless, this is just a demonstration, and users can have a try by themselves. Download the free partition manager and try it now!

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