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Extend SD Card Volume

With the rapid development of SD card, more and more computer users tend to rely on it. However, after days of working, the volume of SD card will always be shrunk. Of course many users could not find the reason. When opening the windows built in disk management tool, they may find that the missing part turns into unallocated space. And the DM can not help to enlarge the specified volume. Under this circumstance, what users can do to extend SD card volume?
Note: Windows Disk Management utility will not allow users to do most partitioning operations on a SD card since the device is recognized as removable by system.
Don’t be nervous, and the powerful third party partition manager – MiniTool Partition Wizard – can give users a hand to finish the task. At the same time, users need not worry about data loss. And next I will show users the detailed steps to enlarge volume of SD card by using this program.


Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to Extend Volume of SD Card


Before any operations, please download and install the partition magic into the computer. Then run it to get its start up screen. Left click “Launch Application” to enter the main interface.




Just as you can see, all disks and partitions are listed in the interface. Select the target disk 2 (or SD card volume), and then left click “Move/Resize Partition” to enter into next window.




In order to extend the volume of SD card, please resize the labeled red triangle to lengthen this partition to the rightmost. Then with a click on “OK”, you will come back to the main interface.




Now we can preview that the capacity of SD card becomes 7.21G (but not 5.96 G in the first screenshot). Here the last operation should be clicking “Apply” button to execute all changes.


Now users would know how to extend volume of SD card. If your SD card or other removable device loses capacity, try taking this way to get the missing capacity back.


PS: this article shows you the steps to enlarge SD card volume in MiniTool Partition Wizard Free (only for home users). However if you want to use it out of home, please download advanced editions in the downloading center.

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