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Expand System Partition in Windows Server 2003

Almost all computer users may have met with the situation where disk partition runs out of its space. When it happens on system partition, the whole computer’s running speed will be affected. What is worse, this kind of low disk space is a threat to disk data. Nobody wants to face up with this disaster, peculiarly the server users. Their computers save lots of important data and often deal with the data with large capacity. If those problems appear in the server computers, they will suffer from great loss. As a result, they are eager to get rid of this predicament. Here, it is a good choice to enlarge partition. Then how to reach the goal? I’d like to take expand system partition in Windows Server 2003 for an example.


Using Partition Manager to Expand System Partition in Windows Server 2003


To work out the job in simple way, you should rely on third party partition magic. And the professional MiniTool Partition Wizard is just a suitable one. What’s more, the data security will also be guaranteed.


Please download the software via the official website. Then install it to your computer. Main steps will be listed below.


1-Expand -system-Partition-in-Window-Server-2003


1. Choose system partition on the main interface. Then, click on “Move/Resize Partition” button from the left panel to enter into next window.


2-Expand -system-Partition-in-Window-Server-2003


2. To expand system partition in Windows Server 2003, you should drag black triangle to the desired value. After that, click “OK” to turn back to the main interface.


3-Expand -system-Partition-in-Window-Server-2003


Preview all changes on the specified partition. Here the size of partition has been enlarged to 118.34GB (compared to the 39.99GB).


3. All pending operations will be confirmed if you click “Apply” on the left top corner.


Once all operations are done, the task of enlarging system partition for Windows Server 2003 has been thoroughly accomplished. With the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard, the problem that system partition is lack of space can be fixed.


Note: When there isn’t unallocated space adjacent to the partition we want to extend, the “Extend Partition” feature can do you a favor.

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