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Expand RAID 0 Partition in Windows

Situation: there are 3 disks (disk 0, disk 1, and disk 2) in my computer. Now I converted the latter two disks into dynamic to speed up the data storage ability. Finally, I produced a raid 0 partition (about 200GB). However, this partition is nearly full now. I want to extend it in a larger one. After checking in the Windows built in disk management tool, I can’t find such kind of function. Could you please tell me a convenient way to expand RAID 0 partition in Windows? Thank you.




The RAID 0 partition mentioned above means the Stripe or Striping volume.
Note: The real RAID 0 refers to a kind of disk arrays while striped volume is one of dynamic volume types, but they are similar in data storage.


When the RAID 0 partition is created, operation on enlarging partition will never be allowed in disk management tool. Users had better turn to third party partition magic to do this. I suggest using the professional MiniTool Partition Wizard.


Download and install the partition tool into your computer. Then detailed steps will be displayed below.


Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to Expand RAID 0 Partition in Windows


Run the freeware to enter into its main interface.




1. The RAID 0 partition or volume I is shown in the screenshot above. Click it and select “Move/Resize Volume” in the left action panel. Then you will go to the next window.




2. Drag the right edge of the handle to the desired value. Click “OK” to return to the main interface.




3. With a click on “Apply” button, all changes will be performed in a short time.


If the prompt information of MiniTool Partition Wizard says that you should restart the computer, please do as what it is said. Then the operation of enlarging partition will be done in boot mode.


From the article, we can know the way to expand RAID 0 partition in Windows. But this case can be applied only when there is unallocated space neighboring the specified partition. If you don’t have such a space, please shrink an adjacent partition by “Move/Resize Volume” for the first step.


Note: Only the editions above MiniTool Partition Wizard Free can support operations on dynamic disk.

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