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Enlarge Primary Partition Space in Windows

Problem: I have windows 7 installed in my C drive (primary partition). I allocated 20GB to save the operation system. After updating, there’s isn’t much space left in the drive. And I can’t enlarge primary partition space in Windows. Is there any method I could do this without reinstalling the OS?


Note: the primary partition is mainly used to save important data (which is a necessity to boot operating system). In other words, you can’t run OS without primary partition. Therefore, there will be at least one primary partition in one hard disk.


Most of the computer users may be encountered with the situation mentioned above. Deleting or moving useless files in the partition is a temporary solution to fix the problem. To completely solve the case, it is very crucial for users to extend primary partition with third party partition manager. As for partition magic, MiniTool Partition Wizard is worth recommending. With “Move/Resize Partition” feature, users can change primary partition size safely with simple operations.


Use Freeware to Enlarge Primary Partition in Windows


Download the partition magic from the official website. Then install it to your computer.


Launch it to get into its main interface.




1. Choose a primary partition, and then click “Move/ Resize Partition” to get into next window.




2. Drag the partition handle rightwards to change primary partition size. Then click “OK” to return to the main interface.




Here, we can preview that the primary partition has been extended to 49.19GB (the original capacity is 32.47GB).


3. Click on “Apply” to execute all changes.


Finally, the goal of enlarging primary partition space in Windows has been reached. It is sure that you can use the way mentioned above to extend other disk partition.


Besides changing partition size, MiniTool Partition Wizard also offers some other features (like “Partition Recovery Wizard”, “Copy Disk”, “Copy Partition”, etc).

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