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Enlarge Partition Size in Win 7

Many computer users want to find an easy way when enlarging partition size in Win 7. At this time, they may turn to Windows snap-in disk management utility. It is true that the Windows 7 offers the function of extending partition. However, users have to pay much attention to its shortcomings.
1. Only when there is unallocated space right behind the target partition, you can extend its space.
2. The specified partition must be with NTFS file system.


Actually, shrinking partition can also help users to get the unallocated space. Nevertheless, this function only allows to gain space which just sits right adjacent to the shrunk partition. It means that the unallocated space cannot be right contiguous to the target partition. As a result, this method is nonsense.


Is there any simpler and practical way to accomplish the task? Of course yes! The professional third party partition manager can help you to extend partition in Windows 7 without limitations. It is called MiniTool Partition Wizard. This freeware is widely used by computer users.


The Way to Enlarge Partition Size in Win 7


Please download the partition magic from its download center, and then install it to your computer.


Launch the software to get its main interface.


1-Enlarge-Partition-Size-in-Win 7


1. On the main interface, you should choose a partition to extend and then click “Move/Resize Partition” to enter into next interface.


2-Enlarge-Partition-Size-in-Win 7


2. After entering this interface, you can drag the black triangle rightward or directly enter desired value into the blank box to enlarge partition size in Win 7. Then, click “OK” to go to the next interface.
3-Enlarge-Partition-Size-in-Win 7


3. Click “Apply” in the upper left of the main interface. In this way, users can confirm the previous operations to change partition size in computer. Then please wait until all pending operations get fulfilled.


As is shown above, just with three steps, extending partition in windows 7 has been perfectly completed. If users want to experience other partition management functions in MiniTool Partition Wizard, please visit the official website.

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