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Resize Partition

Change partition size in windows 7

  • Many Windows 7 users may have encountered the situation where system partition is lacking in space, so many applications can not be installed and the operating system runs slowly and is not stable. In this situation, some users will delete some unimportant data to release more unused space for operating system and applications, thereby changing the unfavorable condition. However, that operation is only a temporary solution, but can not settle the problem, because we can not remove the data if all data are important. So, to change partition size is a pretty good choice in this situation. According to the practical situation, changing partition size in Windows 7 will solve the problem easily and with the experience of resizing partition in Windows 7, the similar difficulties could be fixed readily in the future.

    How to resize partition in Windows 7?
    For Windows 7 users, there are two ways to change partition size in Windows 7: using the built-in disk management tool and using the third-party partition magic. Due to the limitation of the built-in utility, if we use the first method to resize partition in Windows 7, there must be unallocated space behind and adjacent to the partition to be extended; otherwise, extending partition can not be realized. However, applying the third-party partition magic is more flexible. With Partition Resizing Software, even if there is no unallocated space next to the target partition, we can also realize extending partition in Windows 7.

    Extend system partition size in Windows 7
    If system partition in Windows 7 is lack of space and there is no unallocated space adjacent to it, we only need to finish two operations with Partition Resizing Software: one is to shrink the partition adjacent to system partition to release the unallocated space; the second is to extend system partition.

    Shrink partition in Windows 7 to release unallocated space
    1. Launch Partition Resizing Software. Then select the partition adjacent to the system partition and click "Move/Resize", as follows.

    2. In the interface of Move/Resize Partition, shrink the selected partition by dragging the left triangle rightward and click "OK", as follows.

    After shrinking the partition, the released unallocated space can be used to extend system partition.

    Extend system partition in Windows 7
    3. Select system partition in Windows 7 and click "Move/Resize", as follows.

    4. Drag the right triangle rightward to extend system partition and click "OK", as follows.

    5. In the main interface, if the result is desired, please click "Apply" to perform all previous.

    Seen from the above demonstration, changing partition size in Windows 7 is so simple. If you have no idea how to resize partition in Windows 7, please visit to download Partition Resizing Software and get more information.

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