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Change NTFS volume cluster size tool

Question: from a forum I know the size of cluster will influence NTFS partition performance and space use to some extent. It said the bigger the cluster size is, the more disk space is wasted, but the performance is better. To be specific, if we are going to store files huge in size, make cluster size bigger to increase performance; but if we want to save small files, make cluster size smaller not to lose much disk space. Therefore, I want to change my current cluster size from 4K to 16K since the very partition is specially allocated to store large files. Who can recommend me a partitioning tool to change cluster size for a NTFS volume without reformatting the drive?


Answer: MiniTool Partition Wizard is the program which can help solve the problem. By using it, we can change cluster size for both NTFS volume and FAT volume without losing anything since it is just a read-only program. Moreover, so simple operations are needed. Next, let’s see corresponding operations.


How to Change NTFS Volume Cluster Size with MiniTool Partition Wizard


When the very partitioning tool has been downloaded and installed, we just need to run it to get the main interface:

Then, select the volume whose cluster size will be changed and choose “Change Cluster Size” from the left side to get the interface below:
Here, we can choose a cluster size in sector from the drop-down list for the specified partition. Note: the value in the drop-down list refers to the number of sectors rather than practical size. And to change cluster size to 16KB, we should choose 32 sectors. Then, click “Yes” to go back to the main interface.
At last, click on “Apply” button to apply new cluster size for the specified partition.


After application, we change cluster size for NTFS volume by using partitioning tool successfully, but we should note that MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition does not support changing cluster size, and users should purchase Professional Edition.

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