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Change Cluster Size without Data Loss

As we know, disk is composed of sectors and several sectors constitute a cluster. Cluster is the smallest storage unit in Windows operating system and influences utilization ratio and performance of disk space. As a matter of fact, smaller cluster might significantly reduce disk space losses related to the fact that any file occupies at least one cluster. Nevertheless, how to change cluster size without data loss? Is there any way to complete this task without influencing the original data?


Partition Magic Helps to Change the Cluster Size on Windows


There are many tools that make it possible to change cluster size. And MiniTool partition Wizard is the best choice for users because it has high security and excellent performance. Developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., it provides detailed operating prompts and wizard-like interfaces to help users easily change cluster size without data loss. What’ s more, it is compatible with almost all Windows operating systems, including Windows 7/8, Windows Vista/XP and Windows 2000. Next, let’s see the detailed operating steps.

First of all, launch it to get the following window.




The above window is the main interface of MiniTool partition Wizard. In the main interface, select the target partition which needs changing and click the “Change Cluster Size” button from Operations group of the action panel. After that, a dialog box will appear as follows.




At this time, users can select new cluster size in sectors according to actual demands. After that, click “Yes” button to go back to the main interface.

Finally, click “Apply” button to execute all changes to computer. Thus, users are successful to change cluster size without data loss on Windows by using partition magic.

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