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Can I change hard disk partition size XP

Problem: I’m using Windows XP SP3 and made the following partitions: 30GB (C), 80GB (D), 60 GB (E & F each). I stalled all programs except the default installation drive “c” on partition D, and now D is running out of space while E owns 45GB free space. Can I change hard disk partition size in Windows XP under this situation? What tool can I use?


Solution: though Windows XP Disk Management does not provide a function to change partition size, users still have a chance to achieve this goal. Now, both DiskPart and 3rd party partitioning tool can help complete this operation. Next, let’s see detailed operations.


Change Hard Disk Partition Size in Windows XP with DiskPart


We have to say DiskPart included in Windows XP does not offer commands to shrink a basic volume but just contains the function to extend a partition. Here, we just show users how to enlarge a partition with DiskPart.


Firstly, open DiskPart by taking the following steps: go to StartRun and type cmd and diskpart successively to open it.


Then, type list volume and make note of the number of the basic volume we want to operate. Note: If there are multiple disks, we need to type: list disk and select disk n at first (n is the number of the target disk).


Next, type select volume n and extend size =x (it extends the selected volume by size=x megabytes).


At last, type exit to quit from DiskPart.


After these operations, we change hard disk partition size in Windows XP by using DiskPart successfully. Nevertheless, there is a defect to use this tool. To be specific, the very program only works to NTFS partition with unallocated space contiguous and after. Therefore, this solution is not suggested most of the time.


Change Hard Disk Partition Size in Windows XP with Partitioning Tool


First of all, download an excellent partitioning tool from the internet. If users do not know which one to choose, try using MiniTool Partition Wizard. After successful installation, run it to get the main window:
Then, select the partition whose size will be changed and choose a suitable function from the left panel. To extend a partition, please select “Extend Partition”. To shrink a partition, please choose “Move/Resize Partition”. Here, we take extending partition F for example to get the following window:
Next, choose an existing partition or unallocated space to take free space to extend partition F and drag the sliding handle to decide how much space to take. After that, click “OK” button to go back to the main interface:
At last, click “Apply” to apply changes.


Now, the work to change hard disk partition size in Windows XP by using 3rd partitioning tool is completed. And after the comparison users would regard MiniTool Partition Wizard as the best tool for this work.

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