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Add the Number of Partition

Some people may divide the hard disk into one or two partitions when installing operation system into computers. However, it is not an advisable way since it will do no good to store data and will even affect the computer’s whole performance. Now, I’d like to give you three ways to add the number of partition. Detailed situations will be shown below.


Case 1: When there is unallocated space 


Run the system snap-in disk management utility (DM in short) to assure that there is such space on the disk. Right click on the very space and select the option “Create” from the context menu to generate a new partition.
Note: people can set the partition size to the desired value during the creation.


Case 2: When there is no unallocated space 


In this case, 2 solutions to add the number of partition will be provided based on different Windows OS:


1. In Operation Systems published after Windows Vista


The functions of “Extend Volume” and “Shrink Volume” have been added to the DM since Windows Vista. Users can resize the partition to add the partition’s number. Here, I’d like to take Win 7 as an example.




The window above is the main interface of Win 7 snap-in disk management utility. Right click a partition and then many options will be displayed for you. Here, we should click on “Shrink Volume…” to get unallocated space. Next, right click on the released space and select “Create Volume…” to produce new partitions.


2. In Operation Systems published before Windows Vista


We should know that the OS released before Windows Vista doesn’t have the resize partition function. If users want to do this operation, they should resort to third-party partition tool. MiniTool Partition Wizard is the right one to choose. Let’s see the way to add the number of partition in this partition manager.


Run the partition magic to enter its main interface.




1. Choose a certain partition which has enough unused space. And left click on “Move/Resize Partition” to go to the next window.




2. Drag the sliding bar to decrease the partition size, and then you will get unallocated space. At last, users can add the number of partition by creating new partitions in MiniTool Partition Wizard.


As a result, resizing the partition to add the number of the partition is not a tough thing. This operation can be executed in the powerful third party partition manager. Three ways are listed above. Please choose the suitable one to satisfy your needs.

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