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Partition Bar Turn Red

Many computer users may have encountered with the situation below: when you want to store data in a partition, the pop up message says that: there is not enough space. After checking in the “Computer”, you can only find that the specified partition bar turns red. Now do you want to know what can you do?




It is well known that the partition bar shows the disk partition’s capacity, used space and unused space. When one stores too much data in a certain partition, this bar will get red. The color “red” gives a warning to the user. If users want to save more data in the very partition, extending partition is well worth trying.

Two commonly used ways to reach the goal:
1. If there are useless files, please delete them to increase the available disk space.
2. Users can borrow free space from other partitions or unallocated space to extend the target one.


Extend Partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard in Windows


Try using the Disk management tool first. If extending partition can be fulfilled in it, please do operations in accordance with prompts. But if not, users can also resort to third party partition manager. Here I strongly recommend the powerful MiniTool Partition Wizard. It is free and safe, so users need not worry about the cost and the important data security. With various functions, this partition magic can solve the problem of partition bar getting red in Windows.

Run the partition manager to get its startup interface. Left click “Launch Application” to enter its main interface.




Step 1: Choose the specified partition, and click “Extend Partition”.




Step 2: Select a partition or unallocated space to enlarge the red-colored partition. Then with a click on “OK”, you will go back to the main interface.


Note: The movement of dragging sliding handle is used to decide how much space user needs to borrow.




Step 3: Here, the screenshot above shows that the target partition has been extended. All operations will be accomplished with a click on “Apply”.


When checking the “Computer” again, you will find that the former problem disappeared. So the problem that the partition bar turns red does not exist.

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