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Enlarge Win 7 Partition

When I mean to save several GBs files into a specified partition in Windows 7, I can only find that the partition can not do the job. Since the partition space is almost out of use, storing those data into the partition seems impossible. After searching on the internet, I know that enlarging Win 7 partition is a good choice. Who can tell me what can I do to reach the goal?


Actually, there are two ways to extend partition.


1. Using the Windows built in disk management tool. When there is unallocated or free space stands right behind the partition, then you can extend the partition.
2. Resort to third party partition manager. If one can not find that kind of space mentioned above, he should expand partition by applying other partition magic.


It is a common situation that no unallocated or free space lies in the right location. Therefore, third party software is in demand for Win 7 users. Nowadays, there are different kinds of partition managers in market, and which one is worth trying? Here I’d like to recommend the professional partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard – to users. This freeware can help users enlarge Win 7 partition with ease.


Enlarge Win 7 Partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard


Please download and install the powerful partition manager into your computer for the first step.


Launch it to enter its main interface.




1. Select the partition which needs extending and choose the “Extend Partition” button in the main interface. And then you will enter into the next interface.




2. Extending the target partition by borrowing free space from the drop-down menu. And then dragging sliding bar to the desired value and clicking “OK” to perform operation.




Here, we can preview that the specified partition has been extended.


3. Click on “Apply” to execute all changes you’ve made to the computer.


If you are faced up with the same case, please download MiniTool Partition Wizard in its download center to enlarge Win 7 partition.

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