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Enlarge the USB Drive

Problem: After days of using, the capacity of my 14.66GB USB drive shrank into 13.59GB. When checking in Windows built-in disk management tool, I noticed that there was an unallocated space. So I meant to enlarge the USB drive by putting the free pace to the USB drive. However, the “Extend Volume” in Windows can not be applied (it is grayed out). And now it seems extending USB partition in DM is impossible. What can I do?


In the following two cases, the “Extend Volume” button will be grayed out :
1. Unallocated space is sitting on the right side of the specified drive.
2. The existing drive was formatted with FAT32.


Solution: Actually, it is bright to adopt a third party partition manager to enlarge the USB drive. This user-friendly partition manager can deal with almost all kinds of file systems. Furthermore, it can not be affected by the location of the unallocated space. There is so much partition magic in the market. MiniTool Partition Wizard is an excellent one that I will recommend to users.


Enlarge USB Drive to Unallocated Space with MiniTool Partition Wizard


Step 1: launch this freeware to enter into the main interface. All information is listed here:




Step 2: choose the target drive and click “Extend Partition” button to go on:




Step 3: Extend specified partition by taking free space on the same disk. And then click “OK” to return to the main interface:


Note: operation on the sliding button is mainly used to control the free space to take.




Now, we can preview the effect that USB flash drive has been extended. Please click “Apply” button on the left top to perform all pending operations.


When you meet such cases, don’t forget to use MiniTool Partition Wizard. This powerful partition magic can perfectly enlarge the USB drive for you.

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