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Freeware to increase size on flash drive

I have a Toshiba Osumi EX2 32GB flash drive which owns 2 partitions. One is allocated with 10GB space and the other is with 22GB. With more and more data saved, now the 10GB partition is running out of space while the 22GB partition owns 15GB free space. Therefore, I want to enlarge the small partition by taking free space from the large one. Is there freeware to increase partition size on flash drive without data loss? I don’t want to cost any or delete any partition. By the way, I’m having Windows 7.


The Best Way to Increase Partition Size on Flash Drive


From the description we can see there is no unallocated space left on the USB flash drive, so to extend a partition users had better turn to third-party partitioning freeware rather than snap-in Disk Management, for the latter works when there is unallocated space. Well then, which partitioning program can help enlarge a partition without bringing any influence on data? Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard is highly recommended. It works to both FAT partition and NTFS partition no matter whether there is unallocated space on the USB flash drive.


Increase Partition Size on Flash Drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard


1. Run recommended partitioning freeware to get its main interface:
2. Select the partition which needs extending and click on “Extend Partition”.
3. Choose partition J to take free space to extend partition I and drag sliding button to decide how much to take. Then, click on “OK”.
4. Click on “Apply” button to apply all changes.


After that, the partitioning freeware MiniTool Partition Wizard helps increase partition size on flash drive successfully. If users are meeting the same problem, take the very solution.

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