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Disk management Windows 7 increasing size

One of partitions in Windows 7 is running out of space, so I want to increase its size with Disk Management. But as a green hand, I know nothing about this. So please show me steps to increase partition size with Windows 7 Disk Management. Thanks a lot.


How to Increase Partition Size with Windows 7 Built-in Disk Management


First of all, open the tool by right clicking Computer, selecting Manage, and choose Disk Management:
To enlarge a partition, please right click the target partition and choose “Extend Volume” and then increase partition size according to extending volume wizard. Nevertheless, the very option “Extend Volume” often can not be selected as it is grayed out. See can’t extend volume Windows 7. Under these situations what should users do to increase partition size? Third party free partition manager is highly recommended for it can make up almost all defects of Windows Disk Management.


Nevertheless, not any partition manager is available, and the inferior may result in data or partition loss. Here, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard. It is able to extend both FAT partition and NTFS partition no matter whether there is unallocated or free space on hard disk.


Increase Partition Size in Windows 7 with MiniTool Partition Wizard


Firstly, launch the free partition manager to enter the main window.
Then, select the partition that will be extended and click on “Extend Partition”.
Next, choose a partition or unallocated space on the same disk to take free space which will be used to increase the target partition, and then click on “OK” to go back to the main window.
At last, confirm operation and click on “Apply” button to apply changes to Windows 7.


After application, MiniTool Partition Wizard helps enlarge a partition successfully. If your Windows 7 Disk Management tool can’t increase partition size, ask this free partition manager for help.

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