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Extend Partition in Windows Without Formatting

When installing Windows operation system, people may distribute partition at random. However, after using the computer for a long time, they will be eager to know the way to extend partition in Windows without formatting. Please look at the following example:


My computer system is Windows 7. And at the beginning of installation, I allocated 40GB for the D partition which is mainly used for saving software and their update information. However, some software and important updates can not continue. There isn’t enough unused space on D drive. Now, I think copying those files into other partitions are unsafe as well as time consuming. I’d like to increase partition size without formatting. Do you have any method to reach the goal?


There are three ways to fix the problem of low disk space:
1. Move away the unnecessary files (solves problem temporarily);
2. Reinstall the operation system to redistribute partition space (needs professional knowledge and will waste too much time);
3. Extend partition size (mainly relies on Windows built in Disk Management tool and third party partition wizard).


Here, we can draw a conclusion that the last solution is the most suitable one. Many users may know that the Window built in disk management tool has some limitations. For example, Microsoft claims that the partition which needs extending in disk management tool must be raw or NTFS one; only when the unallocated or free space sits right behind a partition, one can extend the partition. We’d better resort to third party partition manager to increase partition size. The well known partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard – is just the one that can extend partition in Windows without formatting.


Increase Partition Size with Third Party Partition Manager


Open the partition manager to enter its main interface.




1. Choose the partition that you want to extend and click “Extend Partition”.




2. Select an existing partition or unallocated space to borrow free space from and drag sliding bar to the desired value. Then click on “OK”.




3. With a click on “Apply” button, all pending operations will be done.


Extending partition in Windows without formatting has been successfully completed. Here we can know that the partition manager MiniTool Partition Wizard has been reached the target of increasing partition size with ease.

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