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Extend Boot Partition for Windows 8

In order to do disk partition management to Windows 8, many computer users will turn to the Windows built-in disk management utility (or DM in short). It is true that the DM in Windows 8 has the same function to resize partition in Windows 7(like “Extend volume…”, “Shrink Volume…”). However, it also owns some defects. Here, I’d like to take extend boot partition for Windows 8 for example.
1. When there is no unallocated space right adjacent to the specified partition, people can not expand it.
2. If the file system of the target partition is not NTFS, one can not enlarge it in DM.


Under this circumstance, people should search a third party partition manager to avoid the problem. Nevertheless, if one has little computer knowledge, he may take lots of time to find out this kind of software. Fortunately, this article will give users an answer. Well then, which is the most suitable one for common users? I’d like to recommend the powerful and professional MiniTool Partition Wizard. With easy to use operations, people can expand Win 8 boot partition directly without data loss.


How to Extend Boot Partition for Windows 8 with Freeware


Before doing any operations, please visit its official website to download the software. After installation, you can launch it to get the main interface.




The disks and partitions are listed in the screenshot.


1. Choose the target partition and then click “Extend Partition” to go to the next window.




2. Take free space from any other partitions on the same disk and drag the sliding bar to the desired value to expand Win 8 boot partition. Then click “OK” to return to the main interface.




In this interface, we can preview that the target partition size has been increased to 41.73GB (compared with the original capacity: 286.00MB).


3. With a click on “Apply”, all pending operations will be executed.


Draw a conclusion, the job to extend boot partition for Windows 8 has been perfectly done by MiniTool Partition Wizard. To do other disk partition management operations (such as “Move/Resize Partition”, “Merge Partition”, “Copy Partition”, etc), you can also use this partition magic.


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