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  • Move Boot/System volume for Dynamic Disk.

Enlarge Partition in Windows XP

As we all know, the Windows XP doesn’t provide the function of extending partition in the snap in disk management utility(DM for short). If users want to do the job, they should turn to command prompt program (or CMD). However, operations in the CMD are rather difficult for common computer users. And any misoperation may cause invocatable loss since the disk data is rather important for users.


Well, what else can users do if the disk partition is running out of its space? Actually, there is still a way to enlarge partition in Windows XP. Resorting to third party partition magic can be a good choice. Here, I’d like to recommend the powerful and professional MiniTool Partition Wizard for users. It is developed by the famous Canadian company MiniTool Solution Ltd. Due to its easy to use operations, the partition manager is warmly welcomed by many computer users. In addition, it makes up the limitations in the DM so that users can do disk management in simple steps. Here, just with a few clicks, people can perfectly do the task of expanding Windows XP partition.


A Convenient Way to Enlarge Disk Partition in Win XP


Through visiting the download center, we can free download the software. Then please install it into your computer.


After installation, please open it to enter into the main interface.



Here, the function “Move/Resize Partition” is specially designed to extend/shrink partition in Windows XP. Here, I’d like to take increasing the size of partition H for example.


1. Choose partition H in Disk 3 and click “Move/Resize Partition” button in the left panel to enter into the next interface.




2. Right drag the black triangle or type desired value into the box to expand Windows XP partition, and then click “OK” to return to main interface.



3. With a click on “Apply” button, people can execute all pending operations to the computer.

Finally, the job to enlarge partition in Windows XP is successfully fulfilled in MiniTool Partition Wizard. Furthermore, this freeware can also help users decrease the partition size. If there is any need, please just have a try.

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