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Enlarge GPT Disk Partition in Windows Server 2008

In the process of partitioning a GPT disk, one may allocate much less space for the system partition since he believes that the capacity is enough. However, after using for a long time, he can find that the specified partition is running out of its space. Of course, it is real that deleting or moving the unused files to other partition can fix this kind of problem temporarily, while the same situation will occur in a short time. As a result, extending GPT partition will be a must. Here, I’d like to take operations in Windows Server 2008 for an example.


Note: GUID Partition Table (GPT) is a partitioning scheme that is part of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface specification; it uses a globally unique identifier for qualifying devices. It is the next generation partitioning scheme designed to succeed the Master Boot Record partitioning scheme method. Its necessity evolved to deal with several shortcomings of the MBR partitioning scheme method and offers additional advantages.


Then what is the most reliable method to do the task? The powerful partition manager can do users a favor. Nevertheless, many partition managers can not be well compatible with Windows Server 2008. Don’t worry, and there is the professional MiniTool Partition Wizard that can satisfy users’ needs. It can run quite smoothly under Windows Server operating system (including Windows 2003/2008/2008 R2/ 2012).


How to Enlarge GPT Disk Partition in Windows Server 2008


Before displaying the steps, please visit the download center to get the partition magic. After installation, you can run the software and enter the main interface below.





1. Choose the partition which needs extending and click “Extend Partition” feature in the left panel to get into next window.





2. Borrow space from other partitions on the same disk. Then drag the sliding button to decide how much space to take. At last, click “OK” to go back to the main interface.




3. Confirm all pending operations by clicking “Apply”.


It is a brief introduction to the way to enlarge GPT disk partition in Windows Server 2008. And many other features will also be found in MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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