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Expand Partition Windows 7

Most users like running computers with Windows 7 operating system since it has clear and simple operating interfaces. Although this OS has excellent performance, it still needs to resize partition size. If partition is running out of space, users can expand it to timely solve this problem. Here, I really want to know if there is a chance for me to expand partition under Windows 7 for free.

After searching relative information, I know we can turn to Windows built-in disk management tool and third-party partition magic to change Windows 7 partition size. Thus, after right-click ‘My Computer”, and choose “Manage” and select “Disk Management”, we can get the main interface of disk management as follows.


7 built-in


Now, right-click the target partition and choose “Extend Volume” from the pop-up window. However, some users may find this feature is grayed out at sometimes. For instance, if the unallocated space or free space is not located after the target partition, users can not turn to this feature to expand Windows 7 partition. Therefore, users are suggested turning to third-party partition management apps.


Expand Partition under Windows 7 via Partition Magic


From the economic point of view, MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good choice for users since it can help to perfectly manage partitions without paying a penny. Besides, users who have limited knowledge about computer and disk partition don’t have to worry about the operating steps since this freeware provides wizard like interface and detailed operating steps. Next, let’s see the detailed steps.

Firstly, download and install this freeware on computer, and then run it.




Secondly, click the target partition which needs changing and choose a suitable functional from the left action panel. Note: we take “Move/Resize Partition” for example to show how to expand partition under Windows 7.




Thirdly, lengthen the partition handle to increase the size of the selected partition, and click “OK” to go back to the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard.




Finally, click “Apply” button on the left to perform all changes to computer.

See! Users can easily and quickly expand partition under Windows 7 via several clicks.

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